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Wallace, E,Buil, I
Personality And Individual Differences
Hiding Instagram Likes: effects on negative affect and loneliness
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Instagram; social comparison; negative affect; loneliness; vulnerable narcissism.
Instagram recently tested the initiative of hiding how many people Like a post, to make Likes less of a competition between users. Yet Instagram also offers a means of social interaction and facilitates individualsÂ’ need for self-promotion. We investigated the outcome of hiding Instagram Likes on individualsÂ’ loneliness and negative affect. We also examined the effect of vulnerable narcissism on these outcomes. In an experiment (N = 280) we invited current Instagram users in the United States to indicate the number of Likes they would expect to receive in order to be satisfied with their post. They were randomly assigned to scenarios where Likes they received for a post were much higher (versus much lower) than they desired, and their Instagram followers could (versus could not) see their number of Likes. High (versus low) numbers of Likes reduced loneliness but increased negative affect. There was an interaction effect when Likes were visible (versus hidden) to Instagram followers. Additionally, vulnerable narcissism exhibited an effect on the loneliness of Instagram users.
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NUI Galway, Other Government
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy