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Pat Dolan
Changing Families, Changing Policy, Changing Practice: Family Support Now and in the Future
International Conference
NUI Galway
Conference Organising Committee Chairperson
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In the context of major global social, economic and technological change, the nature and meaning of family is in flux. Among western States, Ireland is particularly notable for late and rapid changes in the nature of family and the experience of family life. Most evident is recent significant constitutional changes in children’s rights, same-sex marriage and abortion, it is also reflected in established demographic trends of ever later marriage and reducing fertility. What family means, what it means to be a family member parent, child, sibling, grandparent has and continues to change. New risks and challenges emerge and so too do new possibilities and capabilities. Just as family changes, policies and the work of those who support families must continually change too. Taking Ireland as an international case study, the aim of the 9th Biennial conference is to reflect on the nature of family and family change and its implications for policy and practice. As well as focusing on current issues, we aim to anticipate future challenges and possibilities for families, and frame future responses.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy