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Smyth, S., De Vries, J. & Mc Cann E
9th European Conference on Mental Health
Non-participant Observations of Irish Psychosocial-Trained Mental Health Nurses’ Experiences on the Use of Psychosocial interventions.
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Training mental health nurses (MHNs) in psychosocial interventions (PSI) have been shown to have many acclaimed benefits both for the nurses and for their clients too. Researchers have revealed benefits regardless of the setting. In this study, the purpose was to explore MHNs’ experiences of using PSI in their care of the person with a mental health problem. Consistent with the goal of understanding experience, a qualitative approach was adopted; an in-multiple case study design using a multiple method triangulation strategy was used. The data collection sources included observations, interviews and supplementary field notes. This presentation will focus on the non-participant observations with the MHNs. An adapted observational schedule guided the observational data. Two key themes were derived from the data: I.MHNs Knowledge and skills of taught PSI in practice & II.Facilitators and barriers to supporting PSI nurses in practice. Overall, participant views’ towards PSI were positive but many practice challenges were noted. Given the topic matter, this study offered answers to the context, overall purpose and addressed the objectives of the research. PSI nurses’ roles are currently perceived and operationalised as not following recent policy ideas and international trends. Addressing the identified barriers, together with changing organisational reform from policy makers and management towards acknowledging, and actively including PSI as every MHNs role is important, and should be a priority for all Irish mental health services. These findings are relevant within the context of current debates about PSI, and can be used to improve and contribute to mental health nursing in various settings and countries.
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