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Higgins, A., Downes, C., Murphy, R., Sharek, D., Begley, T., McCann, E., Sheerin, F., Smyth, S., De Vries, J. and Doyle, L.
Journal Of Nursing Management
LGBT+ young people’s perceptions of barriers to accessing mental health services in Ireland
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Aim This paper aims to explore barriers to accessing mental health services in the Republic of Ireland from the perspectives of young LGBT+ people aged 14‐25. Background Significant mental health disparities exist between LGBT+ young people and their cisgender and heterosexual peers, yet they do not have equitable access to mental health services. Limited research has explored barriers which exist for LGBT+ young people in accessing services, particularly from their perspectives. Method An anonymous online survey design, consisting of closed and open questions, was used. The study was advertised through local and national organisations and media. 1064 LGBT+ participants aged 14‐25 opted to complete the survey. Results Most participants reported several barriers to them accessing mental health services that were interlinked across three levels: individual; sociocultural; and mental health system. Conclusion Cultural competency training for practitioners which address issues and concerns pertinent to LGBT+ young people is key to addressing many of the barriers identified. Implications for Nursing Management Nurse managers can use the findings to advocate for practice and organisational change with their services to ensure that care and support is responsive and sensitive to the particular needs of LGBT+ young people.
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