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Khoo, Su-ming
Development Studies Association Ireland: Responding to Global Crises, linking research, policy and practice
Healthy Public Scholarship: Integrating human development, human rights and global health
Dublin City University
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This poster proposes a theoretical approach to development that aligns the activities of scholarship with public engagement and public goods. This approach integrates rights-based and human development perspectives, while renewing scholarly commitment to the provision and enhancement of global public goods such as global public health.  It draws upon the work of Boyer 1990, 1996) to elaborate a schema for integrating and defending the academic contribution as a set of four interlinked types of scholarship. It suggests that the human development and capabilities approach provides a conceptual turning point for global health. It proposes some first steps towards the integration of a new theory of public goods into global health. Finally, it considers Asia’s complex health reforms in the face of a nexus of crises and transitions: economic growth and crisis, demographic and epidemiological and democratic transition.
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