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Khoo, Su-ming
Development Studies Association Ireland 2012: Responding to global crises, linking research, policy & practice
Engaging public scholarship for development:: un/re thinking the academic contribution
Dublin City University
Invited Oral Presentation
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This paper 'un-thinks' and re-thinks the academic contribution to research, policy and practice for development. Drawing on Boyer's call to re-think scholarship and the propirites of academic, the paper presents a schema for conceptualising research, engagement and relevance, inter-disciplinarity and teaching. It presents a vision for integrated scholarship for development,  as the distictive contribution that academia can make to development. It calls for fuller understanding and utilisation of the critical role of universities as places that produce valid and reliable evidence, enable debates between competing and conflicting ideas, develop inter-disciplinary approaches to complex problems and build cacity, extending knowledge and enabling learning through teaching activities. 
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