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Subhasis Thakur, John Breslin
2020 IEEE International Conference on Blockchain
An Edge Colouring-Based Collaborative Routing Protocol for Blockchain Offline Channels
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A Path-based Fund Transfer (PBT) in blockchain offline channel networks or in credit networks, uses a path among the offline channels to transfer funds among the peers who do not have mutual channels. A routing algorithm for PBT finds a suitable path for PBT execution. The problems with the landmark-based routing algorithms for PBT executions are as follows: 1) PBTs through hubs may cause privacy problems as a few landmarks can collude to find the sender and the receiver of a PBT. 2) Landmarks can be targeted with DoS or Eclipse attack. Unavailability of landmarks will lead to a high failure rate of PBT. Also, the unavailability of nodes for PBT execution creates cuts in the trees maintained by landmark-based routing protocols, which will lead to failure of PBT execution. In this paper, we mitigate the above problems with routing algorithms for PBT execution with a graph edge colouring-based routing protocol. In this routing protocol, every peer maintains a set of small subgraphs of the channel network with a particular topology. The peers exchange such subgraph information to find an appropriate path for PBT execution. Our contributions are as follows: 1) We develop a distributed algorithm to find subgraphs maintained by a peer. 2) We prove that despite sharing subgraph information, our protocol preserves the privacy of the sender and the receiver of a PBT. 3) We prove that the proposed protocol is secure against adversarial peers initially agrees to participate in PBT execution and included in the trees or subgraphs computed by landmark-based or our edge colour-based routing algo- rithm, but later they do not participate in PBT execution. 4) We show that trees built by landmark-based algorithms require more frequent rebuilding as values in
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Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)
Science Foundation Ireland, SFI 16/RC/3835 (VistaMilk), SFI/12/RC/2289_P2 (Insight)
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Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences