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Duffy GP;Robinson ST;O'Connor R;Wylie R;Mauerhofer C;Bellavia G;Straino S;Cianfarani F;Mendez K;Beatty R;Levey R;O'Sullivan J;McDonough L;Kelly H;Roche ET;Dolan EB;
Advanced Healthcare Materials
Implantable Therapeutic Reservoir Systems for Diverse Clinical Applications in Large Animal Models.
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Regenerative medicine approaches, specifically stem cell technologies, have demonstrated significant potential to treat a diverse array of pathologies. However, such approaches have resulted in a modest clinical benefit, which may be attributed to poor cell retention/survival at the disease site. A delivery system that facilitates regional and repeated delivery to target tissues can provide enhanced clinical efficacy of cell therapies when localized delivery of high doses of cells is required. In this study, a new regenerative reservoir platform (Regenervoir) is described for use in large animal models, with relevance to cardiac, abdominal, and soft tissue pathologies. Regenervoir incorporates multiple novel design features essential for clinical translation, with a focus on scalability, mechanism of delivery, fixation to target tissue, and filling/refilling with a therapeutic cargo, and is demonstrated in an array of clinical applications that are easily translated to human studies. Regenervoir consists of a porous reservoir fabricated from a single material, a flexible thermoplastic polymer, capable of delivering cargo via fill lines to target tissues. A radiopaque shear thinning hydrogel can be delivered to the therapy reservoir and multiple fixation methods (laparoscopic tacks and cyanoacrylate bioadhesive) can be used to secure Regenervoir to target tissues through a minimally invasive approach.
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