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O'Connor, P
BMJ Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning
ASPiH Conference 2019 keynote paper. Quality improvement through simulation: a missed opportunity?
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As the use of simulation has become more established in the delivery of healthcare education and training, there has been a corresponding increase in healthcare simulation research. Simulation-based research can be divided into research about simulation (answers research questions in which the focus is on simulation itself) and research through simulation (simulation as a method/tool for research). However, there are barriers, particularly for smaller less well-resourced simulation centres, that may prohibit participation in research. Therefore, it is suggested that quality improvement (QI) through simulation may be a pragmatic way in which simulation centres of all sizes can contribute to improving patient care beyond education and training. QI is defined as systematic, data-guided activities designed to bring about immediate, positive changes in the delivery of healthcare. Although not the case in healthcare, other industries routinely used simulation to support QI. For example, in aviation simulation is used to inform the design of the working environment, the appropriate use of technology, to exercise emergency procedures and to 're-fly' flights following an adverse event as part of the mishap investigation. Integrating simulation within healthcare QI can support the development of novel interventions as well helping to address heretofore intractable issues.
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