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Moran, L., Reilly, K., Brady, B.
Narrating Childhood with Children and Young People: Diverse Contexts, Methods and Stories of Everyday Life.
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Narrative research Children's narratives
This volume draws together scholarly contributions from diverse, yet interlinking disciplinary fields, with the aim of critically examining the value of narrative inquiry in understanding the everyday lives of children and young people. Including insights from sociology, geography, education, child and youth studies, social care, and social work, the volume emphasises how narrative research approaches present storytelling as a universally recognizable, valuable and effective methodological approach with children and young people. The volume points to the diversity of spaces and places encountered by children and young people considering how young people ‘tell tales’ about their lives, highlighting the multidimensionality of narrative research in capturing their everyday lived experiences.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context