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Tallott, M; McCarthy A, Hilliard, R
2012 Unknown
Case Studies in Global Management
A Journey Towards Becoming a Learning Organisation: Crann Iorrais Teoranta
Tilde University Press
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innovation learning organisation capability
Crann Iorrais Teoranta (CIT) was established in 1987 in Co Mayo in Ireland as a forestry company engaged in a wide range of forestry-based activities for the private, commercial and semi-state sectors throughout Ireland. Since its inception, CIT (now CIET), has quickly grown to become one of Ireland’s most reputable contractors for overhead power line infrastructure in the country. CIT’s values of consistency, innovation, excellence, and trust act as the cornerstone of the company. The company is continually developing innovative techniques, systems and programs to further enhance its capabilities and achieve its organisational objectives. In 2010, the organisation had 62 highly-skilled employees. CIT represents an interesting example of how a small indigenous company employed the principles of a learning organisation to assist in achieving its strategic and business objectives. This case follows CIT’s learning organisation journey over a one year timeframe.     
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