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Corcoran, PM,Nanu, F,Petrescu, S,Bigioi, P
Ieee Transactions On Consumer Electronics
Real-Time Eye Gaze Tracking for Gaming Design and Consumer Electronics Systems
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Face Tracking Eye Tracking Eye-Gaze HCI User Interface Embedded Imaging MODELS
Real time face detection combined with eye-gaze tracking can provide a means of user input into a gaming environment. Game and CE system designers can use facial and eye-gaze information in various ways to enhance UI design providing smarter modes of gameplay interaction and UI modalities that are sensitive to a users behaviors and mood. Here we review earlier approaches, using wearable sensors, or enhanced IR illumination. Our technique only requires video feed from a low-resolution user-facing camera. The algorithm is described and some comparative results on a range of embedded hardware are provided. The potential for using eye-gaze as a means of direct user input and improving the accuracy of estimation accordingly is also discussed.
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