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Garrett, P. M.
British Journal Of Social Work
From 'Solid Modernity' to 'Liquid Modernity'? Zygmunt Bauman and Social Work
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Social theory holocaust care practices violence FAMILIES CAR LAW
The sociology of Zygmunt Bauman, although problematic, remains significant and potentially useful in aiding thinking about social works contemporary shifts and transformations. In recent times, Baumans notion of oliquid modernity' has gained prominence within social works academic literature. However, whilst not seeking to provide readers with a basis to compare and contrast his evolving perspectives on modernity, this article aims to redress an imbalance in that it mostly dwells on his concept of osolid modernity'. Recognising major problems with Baumans theorisation, his work on osolid modernity' and the Holocaust could prompt reflection not only on how social work was historically situated in Germany, but also on how, today, ocare' practices can become corrupted particularly in those otwilight areas', where stigmatised groups are segregated and institutionalised.
DOI 10.1093/bjsw/bcr094
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