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Kenna, P.
2018 November
Loss of Home and Evictions across Europe- A Comparative Legal and Policy Examination
Introduction - Overview
Edward Elgar
In Press
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evictions, housing rights, EU law, European Convention on Human Rights
This introduction examines evictions within four applicable contextual frameworks: social, policy, legal/human rights, and substantive. The social context considers wider issues relating to housing systems and social conditions set out in research by national experts. The policy section considers the general housing policies of the selected countries, as well as specific policies focused on evictions. It summarises the range of measures which prevent and counter evictions. The legal/human rights context involves a range of human rights and legal frameworks applicable to evictions. These originate from international, regional and national constitutional and legislative provisions. The section explores the legal basis of and procedures for evictions across tenures, and outlines key emerging developments. The substantive section examines the structural and other risk factors which lead to evictions, as well as examining the nature and extent of evictions across tenures and countries. Data availability issues as provided in the country reports are summarised and examined.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Environment, Marine and Energy, Humanities in Context