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Smith, P
Breakpoints for disc diffusion susceptibility testing of bacteria associated with fish diseases: A review of current practice
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antimicrobial susceptibility disc diffusion breakpoints finfish PANDA SALMONICIDA SUBSP-SALMONICIDA AEROMONAS-SALMONICIDA PROTOCOLS
A survey of the methods being employed to determine antimicrobial susceptibility of bacteria associated with aquaculture was performed on behalf of the Permanent Advisory Network for Diseases in Aquaculture. Thirty-two laboratories in 18 countries responded and 25 reported the breakpoints they used for disc diffusion assays applied to Group 1, non-fastidious organisms isolated from finfish. A total of 117 breakpoints were reported for assays in which the disc contents were those specified by the current standard protocols. Data on the source of these breakpoints and the confidence the laboratories had in them are presented. Overall there was a considerable variation in the breakpoints employed by different laboratories and this variation is discussed in terms of the inter-laboratory precision that can be expected from the application of disc diffusion protocols. This paper discusses the possible clinical significance of the variations in the breakpoints and, where there are available data, the extent to which those in use are consistent with breakpoints suggested by other approaches.The data presented in this paper represent a starting point for the movement towards harmonising breakpoints used in association with the standard disc diffusion protocols that have been proposed for susceptibility testing of bacteria associated with fish diseases. (c) 2006 Published by Elsevier B.V.
DOI 10.1016/j.aquaculture.2006.05.027
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