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Wall, B,Jagdev, H,Browne, J
Journal Of Production Planning & Control
A review of eBusiness and digital business - applications, models and trends
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eBusiness applications eBusiness models drivers conceptual model eBusiness trends VIRTUAL ENTERPRISE FUTURE SYSTEM PERSPECTIVE NETWORKS SUPPORT
In this paper the evolution of eBusiness or digital business is analysed. Firstly, a number of definitions are presented. Digital business is then analysed in the context of a clear distinction being drawn between applications and models. Reviews of the enablers and the drivers of eBusiness are also presented. Some conceptual models for understanding eBusiness are then reviewed and finally a new revised model is put forward. This so-called extended SCOR model, developed by combining ideas from the original Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model and Porter's Value Chain model is offered as a mechanism to map current eBusiness applications and models and may also be used to position and anticipate future eBusiness initiatives.
DOI 10.1080/09537280601127245
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