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Shearer, A,Golden, A,Harfst, S,Butler, R,Redfern, RM,O'Sullivan, CMM,Neustroev, VV,Plokhotnichenko, VL,Cullum, M,Danks, A
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Possible pulsed optical emission from Geminga
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pulsars : individual (Geminga) techniques : 2-d photon-counting detectors ENERGY GAMMA-RADIATION
We present optical data which suggests that G ", the optical counterpart of the gamma-ray pulsar Geminga, possibly pulses in B with a period of 0.237 seconds. The similarity between the optical pulse shape and the gamma-ray light curve indicates that a large fraction of the optical emission is non-thermal in origin - contrary to recent suggestions based upon the total optical flux. The derived magnitude of the pulsed emission is m(B) = 26.0 +/- 0.4. Whilst it is not possible to give an accurate figure for the pulsed fraction (due to variations in the sky background) we can give an 1 sigma upper limit of m(B) approximate to 27 for the unpulsed fraction.
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