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Lim, LH,ODowd, NP,McHugh, PE
Computational modelling of the cyclic deformation of aluminium and aluminium matrix composites
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This paper deals with the finite element modelling of an Al alloy and an Al alloy/SiC particulate composite under conditions of temperature and load cycling. The model developed in earlier work (see P.E. McHugh and J. Hoade, Proc. IMC-10 Conf, of the Irish Manuf. Comm., ed. P.J. Nolan (Galway University Press, Galway, Ireland, 1993) p. 251 and P.E. McHugh and P. Connolly, Comput. Mater. Sci. 3 (1994) 199) for an Al/SiC composite is extended to include explicitly the effects of rate dependence which are expected to be important at high temperatures. The new model accurately predicts the response of the aluminium and the MMC to monotonic and cyclic isothermal loading for a range of temperatures and loading rates. However, it fails to predict the observed behaviour of the alloy and MMC under combined thermomechanical cycling. This lack of agreement may be explained by failure mechanisms operative at high temperatures which are not included in the present model.
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