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ORegan, TL,Quinn, DF,McHugh, PE
Finite deformation FE simulations in metals using remeshing
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finite element finite deformation remeshing crystal plasticity void growth
This paper relates to the finite element simulation of the deformation and fracture of metals. Typically metals exhibit ductile failure involving void growth and coalescence, with very large strains produced local to the crack tip. Void growth simulations are considered. The material is modelled at the microscopic scale. To accurately model the details of the microstructure crystal plasticity theory is used, which represents plasticity as shear flows along crystal slip systems. A finite element code which implements this theory was available but did not have a remeshing capability to ensure accuracy at high strains. In the finite element simulations of void growth very large deformations occur, resulting in the mesh becoming highly distorted. Therefore it is possible that without remeshing the solution obtained is inaccurate. Both a remeshing scheme for the crystal plasticity code and a re-zoning scheme, which was taken from literature, are implemented to improve accuracy and reduce mesh distortion. The remeshing procedure is applied, in the context of single void growth, to both J(2) flow theory and crystal plasticity theory. The different results of the two theories are assessed.
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