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Shearer, A,O'Sullivan, CMM,Golden, A,Garcia, PVR,Redfern, M,Danks, A,Cullum, M
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Time-resolved optical observations of PSR 1509-58
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pulsars : individual : PSR 1509-58 X-RAY PULSAR
Using time resolved 2-dimensional aperture photometry we have established that the optical candidate for PSR 1509-58 does not pulse. Our pulsed upper limits (m(V) = 24.3 and m(B) = 25.7) put severe constraints on this being the optical counterpart. Furthermore the colours of the candidate star are consistent with a main sequence star at a distance of 2-4 kpc. The probability of a chance coincidence with a normal star and the difficulty of explaining the lack of pulsed emission leads us to conclude that this object is an intermediate field star.
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