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Conway, C. Farrell, M. McDonagh, J. Kinsella, A.
The Farmer-Farm Relationship Impact on Generational Renewal
NUI Galway
Whitaker Institute for Innovation and Societal Change, Hardiman Research Building, National Universi
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A focus on generational renewal has been highlighted by the European Commission as a priority for future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform. A major challenge therefore presents itself in the area of intergenerational family farm transfer, to help achieve this objective. There are numerous, intricate emotional facets affecting the older generationís farm transfer decisionmaking process however, which for the most part have been neglected to date. The outcome; a derailment of the process in many cases. This research brings into focus the suitability and appropriateness of previous and existing farm transfer policy strategies, by presenting an insightful, nuanced analysis of the deeply embedded attachment older farmers have with their farms, and how such a bond can stifle the handover of the farm business to the next generation.
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NUI Galway
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