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Kim, Chul Woo and Chang, Kai Chun and McGetrick, Patrick J. and Inoue, Shinichi and Hasegawa, Souichiro
Utilizing moving vehicles as sensors for bridge condition screening-A laboratory verification
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Health condition monitoring of bridge structures is attracting considerable attention, conventionally relying on visual inspection, and measurement-based methods that involve sensors installed directly on bridges. In recent years, drive-by monitoring methods that treat moving vehicles as moving sensors have been proposed as alternatives; these methods aim to be lowcost, mobile, and target fast bridge condition screening. In this study, we address the current lack of sufficient experimental verification of such methods. Laboratory experiments were conducted using a test vehicle system equipped with accelerometers in order to verify the practical feasibility of three drive-by methods: (1) bridge-frequency extraction using the Fourier spectrum of a vehicle's dynamic response, (2) damage detection using the change in a vehicle's spectral distribution pattern, and (3) roadway surface profile identification.
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