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Laura Moran and Ian Stewart
10th World Conference of the Association of Contextual Behavioral Science
Testing and Developing a Protocol for Training and Assessment of Relational Precursors and Abilities
Washington, D.C., United States
Invited Oral Presentation
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This current series of experiments further evaluates the TARPA (Training & Assessment of Relational Precursors & Abilities) as a protocol for the assessment and training of relational framing and its precursors in young typically developing and developmentally delayed children.  In Experiments 1 and 2, twenty one children (ten with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and thirteen typically developing) were assessed using both the TARPA and the Pre-School Language Scale (4th Ed.). Strong correlations between the two measures were seen. Data from these experiments were also used to probe the hierarchical structure of the TARPA. Evidence of the basic soundness of the hierarchical ordering was provided. Experiments 3 (n = 7 typically developing children) and 4 (n = 15 typically developing children) addressed issues that arose in the initial experiments. Experiment 3 examined transformation of function and added additional testing of derived relations. Experiment 4 investigated (i) correlation with IQ as measured by the Stanford Binet 5; (ii) effect of modality (e.g., visual, auditory) track order; and (iii) test-retest reliability. Data from all four experiments and their implications are discussed.
Millennium Research Funding 2012
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