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Dowling, Katherine; Barry, Margaret M
European Journal of Investigation in Health, Psychology and Education
The Effects of Implementation Quality of a School-Based Social and Emotional Well-Being Program on Studentsí Outcomes
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social and emotional learning; school-based programs; implementation quality; randomized controlled trial; mental health and well-being
School-based social and emotional learning (SEL) programs can be e ective in producing positive outcomes for students. However, when the implementation quality is poor, these programs often lose their e ectiveness and fail to produce the expected positive outcomes. The current study evaluates a school-based SEL program for 15-18-year-olds in Ireland by determining the impact of implementation quality on program outcomes. The study also examines the e ects on outcomes of di erent implementation dimensions including Dosage, Adherence, Quality of Delivery, and Participant Responsiveness. Employing a cluster randomized controlled trial design, this study collected student outcome data (n = 675) from 32 disadvantaged schools across three time points (pre-, post-, 12-month follow-up) and compared these data across three treatment groups (high-implementation, low-implementation, and control). Linear mixed models (LMM) were used to determine the relationships between the implementation data and student outcome data longitudinally. The findings revealed that the positive e ects of the program were only observed with the high-, but not the low-implementation group (reduced suppression of emotions (p = 0.049); reduced avoidance coping (p = 0.006); increased social support coping (p = 0.009); reduced levels of stress (p = 0.035) and depressive symptoms (p = 0.025). The comparison of implementation dimensions revealed that only Quality of Delivery had a significant e ect on all of the tested outcomes. This study highlights the importance of high-quality implementation in producing positive outcomes and supports the need to evaluate implementation using multiple dimensions
Basel, Switzerland
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