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Makhsin, Siti Rabizah and Gardner, Peter and Goddard, Nicholas J. and Scully, Patricia J.
Solid State Phenomena
Agarose-Chitosan Based Hydrogel Waveguide Matrix: Comparison Synthesis and Performance for Optical Leaky Waveguide (OLW) Biosensor
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In this work, a hydrogel-based optical leaky waveguide (OLW) biosensor was developed to detect biomolecules using changes in refractive index (Dn). Hydrogels formed from chitosan and agarose were synthesised to be used as a waveguiding thin film in OLW biosensor. The concentration and thickness of the hydrogels defined by the spin coater speeds and time were optimised to produce a device chip with a single waveguide moded operation of OLW biosensor. The cladding layer was fabricated using 9.5nm titanium coated glass substrate for metal-clad (MCLW) and addition of dye particles (reactive blue 4) for dye-clad (DCLW) format. For the performance of the fabricated device for detection of Dn of a glycerol solution, the highest sensitivity of detection was obtained from MCLW chip made of 2% w/v of chitosan-agarose hydrogel spun at 6000 rpm with LOD: 4.28 x 106 RIU, while for DCLW format, the LOD measured at 7.46 x 106 RIU. The performance of the device to monitor the protein (bovine serum albumin; BSA and anti-BSA) interaction, the binding affinity in respect of change in peak angle (DӨ) of chitosan matrix to the protein was measured at DӨ~(6.2 0.5)x106.
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Biomedical Science and Engineering, Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences