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Ryder, A.G.; Li, B.; Leister, K.J.;
International Drug Discovery
Rapid, low-cost, quantitative characterization of cell culture media using a combination of spectroscopic and chemometric methods.
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Spectroscopy, Chemometrics, Biopharmaceutical manufacturing, Cell culture media,
Cell culture media (CCM) used in industrial mammalian cell culture are complex aqueous solutions that are inherently difficult to analyze comprehensively. The analysis of media quality and variance is of utmost importance in efficient biopharmaceutical manufacturing. We are exploring the use of rapid “holistic” analytical methods that can be used for routine CCM screening. The application of rapid fluorescence and Raman spectroscopic techniques to the routine media analysis for Chinese Hamster Ovary cell-based manufacture was investigated. These robust and inexpensive methods can be used to identify compositional changes and ultimately predict the efficacy of individual fed batch media in terms of bioreactor titre.  This is achieved through the application of a diverse range of chemometric methods.This ability to observe compositional changes and predict end titre before media use has enormous potential and should permit the effective elimination of one of the major process variables leading to more consistent product quality and improved titre.
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Centre for Bioanalytical Sciences (CBAS).
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Biomedical Science and Engineering, Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences