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Alessandro Adamou and Mathieu d'Aquin
2020 March
Data Lakes
Linked Data Principles for Data Lakes
ISTE Wiley
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data lakes linked data data integration
Linked Data are based on a set of principles and technologies to exploit the architecture of the Web in order to represent and provide access to machine-readable, globally integrated information. Those principles and technologies have many advantages when applied in the context of implementing data lakes, both generally and in particular domains. This chapter provides an overview of what Linked Data means, and of the general approach to create and consume Linked Data resources. It is shown how this approach can be used at different levels in a data lake, including basic graph-based data storage and querying, data integration and data cataloguing. To exemplify the application of Linked Data principles and technologies for data lakes, a demonstrating scenario is given in the context of the creation and application of a large data platform for a smart city: the MK Data Hub.
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Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences