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Khoo, S.
Global Studies Association Conference
Is another globalization of health possible? Global consumer health activism and complex health reforms
Manchester Metropolitan University
Chaired Session
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This paper takes as its starting point a plural and contested approach to globalizations of health. It examined the globalization of health in Asia which are characterized by strong trends toward neoliberal privatization (Chan 2010; Readings 2010) but also by a countermovement to universalize healthcare (Tangcharoensathien et al 20). The paper brings into question the role of consumer advocacy for public health and rights  (Khoo 2012; Hilton 2009), given the complexity of health reforms in the region, which are responding to a nexus of development transitions, forming a ‘Rubik’s Cube’ puzzle of interlocking transitions: transitions of income accompanying economic growth and crisis; demographic and epidemiological transition towards non-communicable lifestyle disease; and political democratic transition which brings public policy concerns of  equity, access and quality. The discussion of these complex transitions highlights the contrasts between the policy priorities of efficiency and choice, versus those of equity, rights and public health. The paper explores the points of convergence on the common ground of cost control, through an examination of recent reforms in the larger Asian countries of China and Indonesia and medium sized countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.
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