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Hogan V;Lenehan M;Hogan M;Natin DP;
Occupational Medicine-Oxford
Influenza vaccine uptake and attitudes of healthcare workers in Ireland.
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Influenza vaccination uptake by Irish healthcare workers remains sub-optimal despite local initiatives to increase it. To investigate hospital workers' attitudes to influenza vaccination and how this influenced their decisions about vaccination. A questionnaire survey of Irish hospital workers, measuring uptake of and attitudes to influenza vaccination. There were 747 responders, of whom 361 (48%) reported having received influenza vaccination. Attitudes predicting vaccination uptake included a belief that vaccination would protect family members (P < 0.0005, CI 1.191-1.739), a perception of susceptibility to 'flu (P < 0.0005, CI 1.182-1.685), a belief that all healthcare workers should be vaccinated (P < 0.005, CI 1.153-1.783), perceived ease of getting 'flu vaccination at work (P < 0.0005, CI 1.851-2.842) and encouragement by line managers (P < 0.05, CI 1.018-1.400). Attitudes negatively associated with vaccination uptake included fear of needles (P < 0.05, CI 0.663-0.985) and a belief that vaccination would cause illness (P < 0.0005, CI 0.436-0.647). Medical staff were significantly more likely to be vaccinated. Healthcare students were least likely to be vaccinated (P < 0.0005). Addressing specific barriers to influenza vaccination in healthcare workers may improve uptake.
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