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Rahnev D;Desender K;Lee ALF;Adler WT;Aguilar-Lleyda D;Akdo┐an B;Arbuzova P;Atlas LY;Balc┐ F;Bang JW;BŔgue I;Birney DP;Brady TF;Calder-Travis J;Chetverikov A;Clark TK;Davranche K;Denison RN;Dildine TC;Double KS;Duyan YA;Faivre N;Fallow K;Filevich E;Gajdos T;Gallagher RM;de Gardelle V;Gherman S;Haddara N;Hainguerlot M;Hsu TY;Hu X;Iturrate I;Jaquiery M;Kantner J;Koculak M;Konishi M;Ko▀ C;Kvam PD;Kwok SC;Lebreton M;Lempert KM;Ming Lo C;Luo L;Maniscalco B;Martin A;Massoni S;Matthews J;Mazancieux A;Merfeld DM;O'Hora D;Palser ER;Paulewicz B;Pereira M;Peters C;Philiastides MG;Pfuhl G;Prieto F;Rausch M;Recht S;Reyes G;Rouault M;Sackur J;Sadeghi S;Samaha J;Seow TXF;Shekhar M;Sherman MT;Siedlecka M;Skˇra Z;Song C;Soto D;Sun S;van Boxtel JJA;Wang S;Weidemann CT;Weindel G;Wierzcho┐ M;Xu X;Ye Q;Yeon J;Zou F;Zylberberg A;
Nature Human Behaviour
The Confidence Database.
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Understanding how people rate their confidence is critical for the characterization of a wide range of perceptual, memory, motor and cognitive processes. To enable the continued exploration of these processes, we created a large database of confidence studies spanning a broad set of paradigms, participant populations and fields of study. The data from each study are structured in a common, easy-to-use format that can be easily imported and analysed using multiple software packages. Each dataset is accompanied by an explanation regarding the nature of the collected data. At the time of publication, the Confidence Database (which is available at contained 145 datasets with data from more than 8,700 participants and almost 4┐million trials. The database will remain open for new submissions indefinitely and is expected to continue to grow. Here we show the usefulness of this large collection of datasets in four different analyses that provide precise estimations of several foundational confidence-related effects.
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