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Sezgin D;Esin MN;
British journal of nursing (Mark Allen Publishing)
Use of the Omaha System to identify musculoskeletal problems in intensive care unit nurses: a case study.
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there is a need for a standard terminology to identify and manage occupational risks in intensive care unit (ICU) settings. this study was conducted to investigate the occupational musculoskeletal symptom-related problems of one ICU nurse using the Omaha system. a case study method was employed. An Evaluation of Knowledge form and Rapid Upper Limb Assessment tools were used to identify musculoskeletal symptoms and ergonomic risks. Three components of the Omaha System were used: Problem Classification Scheme, Intervention Scheme and Problem Rating Scale for Outcomes. eight signs/symptoms related to four problems were identified from three domains: environmental (neighbourhood/workplace safety), physiological (pain and neuro-musculoskeletal function), and health-related behaviours (physical activity and healthcare supervision). Interventions were mapped to Omaha System terms, and nursing outcomes were evaluated. this study presented an example of using the Omaha System in occupational health nursing practice. The Omaha System can be used effectively to identify musculoskeletal problems and related factors of ICU nurses in a standardised and computerised concept. Use of this system could aid prevention of occupational musculoskeletal problems in ICU nurses.
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