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Doody O;Murphy F;Lyons R;Gallen A;Ryan J;Downey J;Sezgin D;
BMC Health Services Research
Development of nursing quality care process metrics and indicators for intellectual disability services: a literature review and modified Delphi consensus study.
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Nursing process quality care metrics and indicators are quantifiable measures of the nursing care delivered to clients. They can be used to identify and support nurses' contribution to high quality, safe, client care and are lacking in specialist intellectual disability nursing. In a national Nursing Quality Care-Metrics project for Irish intellectual disability services, a set of nursing quality care process metrics and associated indicators were established for intellectual disability services. A two-stage design approach was undertaken; a broad scoping review of the literature and a modified Delphi consensus process. The Delphi included a four round e-Delphi survey and a consensus meeting. Four hundred one intellectual disability nurses working in Ireland were recruited for the surveys and 20 stakeholders attended the consensus meeting. From the review, 20 existing and 16 potential intellectual disability nursing metrics were identified for nurses to prioritise in the e-surveys. After the four survey rounds, 12 intellectual disability nursing metrics and 84 associated indicators were identified. Following the consensus meeting, these were reduced to 12 metrics and 79 indicators. This first set of intellectual disability nursing process metrics and associated indicators has been identified for implementation in practice. These metrics while developed in Ireland have international relevance and their application and appropriateness in practice needs to be evaluated.
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