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Roller-Wirnsberger R;Lindner S;Liew A;O'Caoimh R;Koula ML;Moody D;Espinosa JM;van Durme T;Dimitrov P;Benjak T;Nicolaidou E;Hammar T;Vanhecke E;Junius-Walker U;Csizmadia P;Galluzzo L;Macijauskien¿ J;Salem M;Rietman L;Ranhoff AH;Targowski T;de Arriaga MT;Bozdog E;Gabrovec B;Hendry A;Martin FC;Rodriguez-Mañas L;
Aging Clinical and Experimental Research
European Collaborative and Interprofessional Capability Framework for Prevention and Management of Frailty-a consensus process supported by the Joint Action for Frailty Prevention (ADVANTAGE) and the European Geriatric Medicine Society (EuGMS).
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Interprofessional collaborative practice (ICP) is currently recommended for the delivery of high-quality integrated care for older people. Frailty prevention and management are key elements to be tackled on a multi-professional level. This study aims to develop a consensus-based European multi-professional capability framework for frailty prevention and management. Using a modified Delphi technique, a consensus-based framework of knowledge, skills and attitudes for all professions involved in the care pathway of older people was developed within two consultation rounds. The template for the process was derived from competency frameworks collected in a comprehensive approach from EU-funded projects of the European Commission (EC) supported best practice models for health workforce development. The agreed framework consists of 25 items structured in 4 domains of capabilities. Content covers the understanding about frailty, skills for screening and assessment as well as management procedures for every profession involved. The majority of items focused on interprofessional collaboration, communication and person-centred care planning. This framework facilitates clarification of professionals' roles and standardizes procedures for cross-sectional care processes. Despite a lack of evidence for educational interventions, health workforce development remains an important aspect of quality assurance in health care systems. The multi-professional capability framework for frailty prevention and management incorporated interprofessional collaborative practice, consistent with current recommendations by the World Health Organization, Science Advice for Policy by European Academies and the European Commission.
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