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Sweeney D;Quinlan LR;Richardson M;Meskell P;ÓLaighin G;
Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)
Double-Tap Interaction as an Actuation Mechanism for On-Demand Cueing in Parkinson's Disease.
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Freezing of Gait (FoG) is one of the most debilitating symptoms of Parkinson's disease and is an important contributor to falls. When the management of freezing episodes cannot be achieved through medication or surgery, non-pharmacological methods, such as cueing, have emerged as effective techniques, which ameliorates FoG. The use of On-Demand cueing systems (systems that only provide cueing stimuli during a FoG episode) has received attention in recent years. For such systems, the most common method of triggering the onset of cueing stimuli, utilize autonomous real-time FoG detection algorithms. In this article, we assessed the potential of a simple double-tap gesture interaction to trigger the onset of cueing stimuli. The intended purpose of our study was to validate the use of double-tap gesture interaction to facilitate Self-activated On-Demand cueing. We present analyses that assess if PwP can perform a double-tap gesture, if the gesture can be detected using an accelerometer's embedded gestural interaction recognition function and if the action of performing the gesture aggravates FoG episodes. Our results demonstrate that a double-tap gesture may provide an effective actuation method for triggering On-Demand cueing. This opens up the potential future development of self-activated cueing devices as a method of On-Demand cueing for PwP and others.
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