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Fitzgerald J;Morris DW;Donohoe G;
Current Psychiatry Reports
Cognitive Genomics: Recent Advances and Current Challenges.
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We review recent progress in uncovering the complex genetic architecture of cognition, arising primarily from genome-wide association studies (GWAS). We explore the genetic correlations between cognitive performance and neuropsychiatric disorders, the genetic and environmental factors associated with age-related cognitive decline, and speculate about the future role of genomics in the understanding of cognitive processes. Improvements in genomic methods, and the increasing availability of large datasets via consortia cooperation, have led to a greater understanding of the role played by common and rare variants in the genomics of cognition, the highly polygenic basis of cognitive function and dysfunction, and the multiple biological processes involved. Recent research has aided in our understanding of the complex biological nature of genomics of cognition. Further development of data banks and techniques to analyze this data hold significant promise for understanding cognitive ability, and for treating cognitively related disability.
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