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Francesca Nicora, Laura Incalcaterra McLoughlin, Barbara Gili Fivela
9th International Conference on Speech Prosody
Impact of prosodic training on Italian as L2 by Hiberno-English speakers
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prosody, prosodic training, language learning, phonetics
This paper aims at investigating the efficacy of a perception-production training on the production of Italian-L2 yes/no questions by Hiberno-English learners. The hypotheses are that an intensive prosodic training improves the production of Italian-L2 prosody as for 1) the lexical stress patterns and 2) the intonation patterns, in terms of both their phonological composition and the phonetic details of their implementation. The comparison of prosodic characteristics in productions by trained and control subjects shows that, as hypothesized, only the formers were indeed able to change the prosodic features of their yes/no questions in Italian-L2, improving as for both the lexical stress and the intonation patterns.
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