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SeŠn Crosson
2020 December
Oxford Handbook of Sport and Society
(Forthcoming) Sport, Film, and the Cultural Imaginary
Oxford University Press
In Press
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Sport, Film, cinema, culture
Codified Sport and film emerged contemporaneously in the second half of the nineteenth century and from the earliest film productions, sport was prominently featured and contributed significantly to the new art formís growing popularity. The sports film genre would subsequently become one of commercial cinemas most enduring forms including such seminal works as Rocky (1976) and Raging Bull (1980), and more recent Academy Award winners Million Dollar Baby (2004), The Blind Side (2009) and The Fighter (2010). This chapter will examine the historical development of the depiction of sport on film, and its relationship with larger sociocultural themes. It will provide an overview of key issues (the emergence and development of sport cinema, challenges in defining the genre, distinctive features); approaches (genre studies, film studies, and cultural studies); and debates (including ongoing debates concerning the significance of filmic depictions of sport with regard to configurations of race, class, gender, and social identity).
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