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Wallace, E., Buil, I and de Chernatony, L.
EMAC - European Marketing Academy
Do self-expressive brands create greater brand love and brand advocacy?
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Facebook, Self-Expression, Brand Love, Brand Advocacy, WOM, Structural Equation Modeling
This study explores self-expressive brands, brand love, and brand advocacy.  Specifically, it examines consumer relationships with those brands they ‘Like’ on the Facebook social network.  Consumers ‘Like’ brands as a form of self-expression, as the brand becomes part of their online self-identity.  Findings from a survey of 265 Facebook users reveal that when brands ‘Liked’ are self-expressive, brand love is greater.  Further, stronger brand love leads to greater brand advocacy.  When consumers love a brand which they ‘Like’ on Facebook, positive WOM, acceptance of product extensions, and excusing the brand for perceived wrongdoing, is more likely.  
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