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Gorey S;Canavan M;Robinson S;O' Keeffe ST;Mulkerrin E;
Qjm-An International Journal Of Medicine
A review of vitamin D insufficiency and its management: a lack of evidence and consensus persists.
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Vitamin D deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency worldwide, however uncertainty persists regarding the benefits of vitamin D supplementation. Vitamin D is essential for calcium homeostasis, and has been linked to falls and fractures in older people. There are numerous risk factors for vitamin D deficiency, chief among them old age. Studies of vitamin D supplementation have given mixed signals, but over all there is evidence of benefit for those with risk factors for deficiency. International guidelines recommend vitamin D target levels of >25 to >80¿nmol/l, best achieved by a daily dose of 800-1000¿IU. Large bolus doses should be avoided. There are still unanswered questions regarding vitamin D supplementation and target levels. There is need for well designed and powered trials to achieve consensus.
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