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Barry, MM
2019 November
Implementing Mental Health Promotion
Promoting Mentally Healthy Workplaces
Cham, Switzerland
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Mentally healthy workplaces Health and safety policies Psychosocial risk management Workplace stress Job control Effort-reward imbalance Work-life balance Employee support Bullying Organisational interventions Individual-focussed approaches
This chapter considers the workplace as a setting for promoting adults’ mental health and well-being. The rationale for mental health promotion at work is outlined and the range of risk and protective factors that influence stress and mental health in the workplace are examined. Interventions and strategies aimed at creating mentally healthy workplaces are presented including frameworks for workplace mental health promotion, legislation, policies, regulation and management practices, together with organisational and individual-level interventions for reducing stress and promoting employees’ mental health and well-being. Practice examples and case studies are presented based on comprehensive approaches for promoting mental health that have been implemented in workplaces in different countries.
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