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Barry, MM
2019 November
Implementing Mental Health Promotion
Implementing Community-Based Mental Health Promotion Strategies
Cham, Switzerland
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Community implementation strategies Multilevel community interventions Collaborative partnerships Social inclusion Microfinancing Peer support
A range of different strategies for implementing evidence-based approaches to community mental health promotion are presented in this chapter. Intervention approaches are described that may be applied in working with young people, adults, older people and diverse population groups in the community setting. Multicomponent interventions based on collaborative community partnerships are outlined including interventions based on collaborative partnerships and those focussing on strengthening community participation and social networks, community empowerment and microfinancing programmes, and community-based peer support strategies. Case studies and evidence-based practice examples illustrating practical aspects of interventions employing these strategies in different countries are used to guide the reader in translating current research and theory into practice.
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