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Barry, MM; Clarke, AM; Peterson, I; Jenkins, R
Implementing Mental Health Promotion
Springer International Publishing
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Adults and mental health promotion Anxiety, depression, and mental health care services Cultural diversity, resilience, and well-being Emerging adults, resilience, and well-being High-risk students and mental health promotion Implementation science and well-being Mental health promotion across the lifespan Mental health promotion and intervention delivery Mental health promotion at home for children and families Mental health promotion in community settings Parenting and children’s social-emotional development Peer support and well-being Primary care and mental health promotion Quality of life and mental health promotion Risk reduction and competence enhancement School settings and mental health interventions Social action and youth mental health Stress reduction, employee support, and well-being Well-being across diverse populations Workplace and mental health promotion
This book offers a comprehensive overview of current research, policy, and practice developments in promoting mental health and well-being. It offers guidance on developing and delivering mental health promotion interventions across a variety of settings internationally. Chapters outline key mental health promotion concepts, implementation processes, and outcomes through empirical findings, practical advice based on successful evidence-based approaches, and templates for action. In addition, chapters answer key “how” questions on practical implementation as well as the “whys”, providing rationales for mental health promotion and identifying the key factors and underlying principles that make these interventions work. The book includes examples of evidence-based practice with 17 case studies of innovative interventions from different international settings. These case studies illustrate the practical aspects of intervention development and delivery and the realities of implementing policies and programes outside of controlled research conditions. Topics featured in this book include: · Interventions that promote gender equality. · Community empowerment models of mental health promotion. · Mental health promotion in the home for children and parents. · Promoting social and emotional learning in schools. · Addressing stress and promoting mentally healthy workplaces. · Mental health promotion within primary health care. · Re-orienting mental health services to mental health promotion for service users and caregivers.
XXVI, 577
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