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Mc Ilrath, L; Mc Menamin, R
2019 Unknown
Embedding Service-Learning in Higher Education
Case study: National University of Ireland
Taylor and Francis
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Service Learning; Civic Engagement; Aphasia; Conversation Partner Programme
....This chapter, jointly written by the Director of the CKI and an Academic Staff member in the discipline of Speech and Language Therapy, describes one specific aspect of the CKI namely the pillar of service learning. It provides an overview of the rationale, strategies, practices and reflections on institutionalising service learning as a pedagogical approach at the NUI Galway. It offers a specific and concentrated focus on the development of a distinguished, well-established and mainstreamed service learning course, entitled the Service Learning Conversation Partner Programme (CPP). The CPP has been embedded within the undergraduate BSc Speech and Language Therapy degree programme since 2005/2006.
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