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Bulfin, K; Cowie, H; Galea, K.S; Connolly, A; Coggins, M.A
International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health
Occupational Exposures in an Equestrian Centre to Respirable Dust and Respirable Crystalline Silica
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respirable crystalline silica; respirable dust; occupational lung cancer; occupational exposure
Sand-based products are regularly used as footing material on indoor equestrian arenas, creating a potential occupational exposure risk for respirable crystalline silica (RCS) for equestrian workers training and exercising horses in these environments. The objective of this study was to evaluate an equestrian worker's personal RCS and respirable dust (RD) exposure. Sixteen personal full-shift RD measurements were collected from an equestrian worker and analysed for RD, quartz and cristobalite. Geometric mean exposures of 0.12 mg m −3 and 0.02 mg m −3 were calculated for RD and RCS concentrations, respectively. RCS exposures of between 0.01 to 0.09 mg m −3 were measured on days when the indoor arena surface was not watered, compared to lower exposures (
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