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Declan Coogan
NVR England Conference 28 June 2019
Keynote presentation on NVR and self-harm
Southampton, England
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• In this paper, we address the questions ‘what is it’ and ‘what happens to us’ when a child (under the age of 18 years old) has a diagnosis of mental health difficulties and uses abusive/ violent behaviour towards parents/ carers? We also indicate the potential for the blurring the distinction between understanding and accepting abusive / violent behaviour used by some children towards parents/ carers. I suggest can we see these problems as human rights concerns and demonstrate, through a case example, how Non Violent Resistance can give us the language and the strategies to stand up and stand strong with parents, carers and children against threats of self-harm. We also explore what social workers and others working with families in Ireland say about the NVR model of intervention.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy