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Kelly, M,Millar, M
Families Relationships And Societies
'Just because I have a baby doesn't mean it's going to stop my life': a phenomenological account of being an adolescent parent
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being in the world Irish adolescent parenthood Heidegger interpretive phenomenology TEENAGE MOTHERHOOD
Adolescent parenthood from an international perspective has predominantly been constructed as a problematised entity. Conversely, the revisionist viewpoint highlights the imperative to understand the subjective views and perspectives of these young parents in their social context and its influence as that of either enabler or constraint. Underpinned by Heidegger's phenomenological philosophy, this article explores 'being in the world' of the Irish adolescent parent. Drawing on qualitative interviews we reveal Irish adolescent parents' sense of personal and social self is influenced by ideological societal norms, values and beliefs. What these young Irish parents want is a supportive context that provides them with the opportunity to achieve their personal goals and ambitions. What they clearly do not want is to be viewed as too young to be a parent or different from older, parents.
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