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Kurt, I; Aymelek, M; Boulougouris, E; Turan, O
Transportation Research Part E-Logistics And Transportation Review
Offshore Container Port System Application to Optimize a Container Transportation Network
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Offshore Ports, Container Shipping, Transport Network Optimisation
The paper addresses the potential improvements by the integration of offshore port systems with container transportation. This integrated concept will offer cost reductions and facilitate schemes to accommodate mega-ships for carrying containers through main routes via an Offshore Container Port system (OCPS). The developed model covers both the main route and the short sea shipping (SSS) leg, considering the offshore container port as a hub. The aim of this research is to propose an alternative port hub-spoke system and container transportation network for ports, which are currently unable to handle ultra-large container vessels (ULCV). A case study, using a set of 10 North America (West Coast) container ports linked to Asian markets, is presented herein. The setup method establishes a favourable and energy efficient framework that minimizes the cost. It utilises a number of different decision variables and constraints in the process of making the model more realistic. However, limitations to drawing firm conclusions arise from the fact that some of the data are hypothetical. Even though, the results serve as an argument to strengthen the belief that the offshore container port concept can be considered as an alternative to conventional container ports.
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Turkish Government
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Environment, Marine and Energy