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Reilly, N.
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Women, gender, human rights, international law, social and economic rights, civil and political rights, culture
This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the broad spectrum of human rights issues and violations as they are experienced by women and sexual minorities across civil, political, social, economic, and/or cultural domains, in different regions, countries, and contexts. It offers cogent summaries of concepts, debates, and trends vital to understanding the field and informing practice to advance the human rights of women. The book looks into such issues as: persistent discrimination in political and economic life; gender-based violence in public and private spheres; obstacles to reproductive and maternal human rights; threats to women human rights defenders; discrimination and violence against LGBT people; violations of women's human rights in conflict situations; and the nexus between sustainable development goals, climate change, and the human rights of women. It also addresses human rights violations in the name of culture or religion, and the challenges in realising the human rights of girls. Finally, the volume showcases effective strategies to advance the human rights of women in the form of national remedial measures and through engagement with international and regional human rights bodies and mechanisms.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy