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Paolo Bartoloni
Hope and Time: Giorgio Agamben
Contribution to the 2019 SIS Conference
Edinburgh University
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In La comunità che viene Agamben pauses on Kafka’s famous statement that “there is hope but not for us”, and develops an idea of hope based on the notion of irreparability (l’irreparabile). Agamben claims that we can have hope only in that which is without remedy. But exactly how can hope be possible without a tangible outcome? One of the answers to this question can be found in a subsequent work by Agamben, Il tempo che resta, in which he discusses temporality and hope in Paul. Paul’s understanding of hope leads Agamben to propose an experience of life the productivity of which is not based on possession and the exploitation of the present. The present is instead embraced as an investment in the future. The present work and the present struggle may not benefit those who are engaged directly, but will be rewording those to come. Compared with the obsessive, reiterative and obscene presentification of life and politics in today’s world, Agamben’s apparently paradoxical reading of hope may provide alternative parameters of engagement and action.
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