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Naef, P., Sahakian, M. and Goggins, G.
2019 June
Energy Demand Challenges in Europe
Conclusion: Comparing Household Energy Use Across Europe—Uncovering Opportunities for Sustainable Transformation
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Socio-material systems; Governing frameworks; Sustainable energy; Sufficiency; Europe
This chapter considers the similarities and differences between ten European countries in relation to meso-level considerations when it comes to household energy usage. We uncover the governing frameworks and policies related to energy usage, then examine socio-demographic characteristics including housing tenure and location. Next, we consider the energy mix and material arrangements, such as building stocks, before turning to climatic considerations and the cost of energy. The conclusion highlights the importance of embedding energy usage in socio-material systems, tackling questions related to collective conventions, for example, as well as notions of sufficiency. While the policy and technological dimensions of energy distribution are easier to account for in country reviews, the collective conventions that hold together everyday practices that use energy services would merit further study.
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Horizon 2020 GA number 727642
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Environment, Marine and Energy